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The CUPS Organisation

CUPS – Citizens United for Peace and Stability is a UK based non-for profit, non-governmental organisation (Company Registration Number 9857221). It was founded by the Cryptologist Dr. Idris Ahmed. CUPS was initially founded with the sole aim of mobilising civilian masses to confront the menace of Boko Haram in Northern Nigeria. Having realised that the President Muhammadu Buhari’s regime is determined to wipe out the terrorists group, the CUPS organisation then transformed into a vociferous human rights movement, espousing for the unity, peace, and security of all Nigerians at home and around the globe. CUPS has about 100,000 followers around the globe.

About Dr. Idris Ahmed

Dr. Idris Ahmed is the President and founder of the CUPS organisation. He is a Cryptologist (Mathematical science of designing and breaking computer security systems). He is the founder and Chief Executive officer of Tecomex Forensics Ltd ( He is passionate about fighting corruption, enhancing democracy, and establishing good governance in Nigeria. He is the Editor in Chief of the website.

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