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Angelina Jolie with Brad Pitt before their divorce.

Website offers to help Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt with divorce process

A website, FairSplit is offering an online divorce asset listing and division tool for Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, who recently announced their divorce.

The estranged couple have a combined assets approaching $400 million. In May of this year, Celebrity Net Worth estimated a net worth for Brad of $240 million, while Angelina’s came in near $160 million.

Like any divorcing couple, Brad and Angelina will have to deal with dividing those assets, though in this case it includes multiple homes, personal property and other assets across several continents.

Founder of FairSplit, David MacMahan went through his own divorce and researched divorce and estate division needs for five years in the process of developing FairSplit –

MacMahan says:

“Divorce creates additional pressure since both parties are trying to create two comfortable homes from the contents of one.  There is a strong desire by both parents of children also to keep enough familiar things to have the homes of both feel good to the kids.”

Brad and Angelina and their attorneys may seek and find FairSplit to lower the costs and stresses of divorce, but certainly these tools now exist and are made possible through the internet.  MacMahan says that,

“amicable divorcing parties can use the tools to save time and have a process and contentious parties get those benefits, plus not having to be face to face with the other party in the process of figuring out who gets what.”

Prenuptial agreements likely dealt with the majority of the monetary value, but all families have things that carry emotional value.

Often it is the little things that matter most and can create ill will that affects all of the parties involved, including the children.  FairSplit says its patented process provides a path and process to treat both emotional and monetary values with care.


Noted celebrity divorce attorney, Laura Wasser represents Jolie.  Her book, “It Doesn’t Have to Be That Way: How to Divorce Without Destroying Your Family or Bankrupting Yourself,” was published in 2013 and indicates an openness to finding alternate ways to resolution other than fighting about everything through attorneys.

Mediation and tools like FairSplit provide ways to keep legal costs down and animosity and emotional upset to a minimum.  The alternatives usually entail legal fees as high as $800 per hour that build up fast when reasonable approaches are not found and chosen.

There is added pressure in the case of celebrity divorces to minimize things fought over in court, unless of course “any publicity is good publicity” is the approach chosen.

Dividing personal property and custody battles decided in the courts provide public records and often unwanted negative publicity.  While the patented FairSplit  online division tools are available to Angelina and Brad, they won’t have the financial pressures to keep costs low that might help them find this tool.

Everyday people divorcing, wanting to keep costs and upset low are more likely to seek and find this solution on their own or through mediators.

Source: NAN/PR Newswire.

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