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Two medals for the Niger Delta Avengers

I sincerely recommend two medals for the Niger Delta Avengers. One is for setting their house on fire and running around to catch the fattest rat for diner! The second is for cutting their nose to spite their face. Yes, for slicing off their nose to look uglier! How dumb, how idiotically unheroic, how empty headed and catastrophically barbaric!

The diabolical mission of the Avengers is to asphyxiate the economy by ripping it up, inside out! The economy was monolithic and the oil from Niger Delta constituted 80% of the source of revenue available to the government. Niger Delta was practically the food-trough of the nation. This reasoning held true, valid and incontrovertible up till the past couple of months. Today it is evident that there has been a radical paradigm shift. Today, the government is funding 70% of the budget from non-oil sources and things are bound to get only better.

To the chagrined disappointment of the ND bunch of destructive loonies, the economy had refused to collapse. It seems to be recharging in direct proportions with the decimation of the oil industry. What a miracle! Even international observers of the Nigerian economy are clearly amazed by the unprecedented and inimitable phenomenon of Buharinomic Wonders! Now local industries are springing up to flood our markets with home-grown, long grain parboiled rice as agro industries are given massive boost to rise to their former lost glory.

Supply of electricity across the nation has dwindled, no thanks to the bombing of pipelines that had cut off the supply of much needed gas to thermal power plants. The PMB government has moved in to ameliorate this by deploying massive amount of funds to finance contracts for the establishment of solar power plants mainly in the northern parts of the country. The generation of megawatts from there will go a long way to lighten and power up the nation.

The news filtered in about the bombing of Shell export terminal on Sunday by the NDA. By this, the orgy of destruction ingrained in the psyche of the beasts remains unabated. This is coming in spite of the avalanche of bombs and bullets to dislodge the pathologically criminal Ijaw militants from the Orepo axis and a real threat by the implacable and indomitable brutal Buratai and his Operation Ex Crocodile Smile. It is high time these miscreants are dealt with decisively by feeding them with their own brand of pills.

PMB has tried all manners of diplomacy to bring the ugly situation under control. It is on record that he had gone out of his way to genuflect before the ND community, begging that people of goodwill who are close to the Avengers should plead to them to retract their destructive mayhem. What move could be more humble from the executive President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria?

Expectedly the response to his entreaties was stronger pigheaded intransigence from the Avengers.
I think the time to rid the Niger Delta of these miscreants is now. The Avengers and the Niger Delta community are on a mission to self-decimation and need to be saved from the evil clutches of self annihilation. It’s interesting to note that only the brutal Buratai and his Operation Ex-Crocodile Smile are equipped to pull this task through! Good luck to the peoples’ general, the terror of the terrorists!

Author: Muhammad Idris Enagi.

About Dr. Idris Ahmed

Dr. Idris Ahmed is the President and founder of the CUPS organisation. He is a Cryptologist (Mathematical science of designing and breaking computer security systems). He is the founder and Chief Executive officer of Tecomex Forensics Ltd ( He is passionate about fighting corruption, enhancing democracy, and establishing good governance in Nigeria. He is the Editor in Chief of the website.

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